Asalu Evaru e Kamala Pinni?

Kamala Harris..! e madhya social media lo baga trend avthunna name.Vice presidential  candidate from democrats… 2019 ending varaku peddhaga parichayam leni Kamala Harris ippudu endhuku trend avthunaru.Asalu evaru e Kamala Harris… thana gurnchi teluskovali ante… chudandi mana blog “Asalu evaru e kamala pinni”.


Puttindi, Perigindi: Kamala Devi Harris… Oka Tamila Tejam… Puttindhi perigindhi USA lo… Kamala gari mother Shyamala Gopalan (Breast cancer scientist) Putti perigindi Tamil Nadu lo UC Berkley Univ lo Doctorate chesaru. Thana Father Donald J. Harris oka manchi (British Jamaica) Economist UC Berkeley lo graduation chesaru. kamala Harris garu half black half Indian.

Education: Kamala Harris thana high school varaku Canada lo chaduvukunaru & Harvard university nundi under graduation 1986 lo Political Science & Economics lo tesukunaru. Then she attended law school at the university of california.

Career: 1998 Harris as an assistant district attorney. In 2000 she took another job as a City attorney Louise Renne at SFO City Hall. In 2010 she was elected as attorney general of California, the First woman ever & First Black in Californian District Attorney. She was again re-elected in the year 2014 as district attorney of California. Being California District attorney 20 years ago is what made Kamala Harris a star.

Political career:

In 2017 she entered in to US Senate and served in different positions in her tenure with US Senate. She is the First South Asian senator in USA.In 2020 Joe Biden asked her to participate as the vice president candidate in the 2020 elections.

Kamala garu first presidential role ki election lo poti chesaru, but funds leka agipoyaru december lo. 

Facts about KAMALA HARRIS:

Kamala Harris ni Female Obama ani chala mandhi janalu pilichevaru.

Harris was elected as US senator in 2016. Her Views have moved closer to those of modern progressiveness.

1990 as prosecutor.

2003 in public eye.

First Female,First African American,First American Asian Attorney General in CA.

First Black woman nominated as Vice-President. First Asian to be nominated as VP.First Asian Women to be nominated as VP.

Known for Grilling Republicans in political debates.

As a senator, she has advocated for healthcare reform, federal descheduling of cannabis, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, the DREAM Acta ban on assault weapons, and progressive tax reform. 

Criticized in not using her full powers to investigate police shootings. critics are questioning her policies which they say worked against black families.

Threatened to send parents and kids to jail if the kids skipped the school

she is called for overhauling the prison system, introduced a bail reform bill and tried decriminalize weed. Harris is notable both in biography and 2 year tenure in the senate. Supporters hail for her rapid questioning. The best prosecutor the senator has ever seen.


Kamala Harris Craze:

November 3 na jaragaboye elections kosam prapancham antha eduru chusthundi. Democratic party president candidate Biden and vice president candidate ga mana Kamala Harris select ayyaru.Kamala Harris nominate ayina one day lo 194 crores donations vachayanta. Kamala Harris Black and Indian kavadamtho two categories nundi donations vachayantunnaru democratic leaders. 

Inthe Kadu VP Debate Kamala gariki chala plus ayyindi .Nearly oka 9 million dollars funding vachayi..Presdential debate kante VP debate ekva views vachayi ante adi antha kamala gari senator skills,debate skills ankovachu.VP debate lo kamala harrsi gari matalu “I am Speaking” baga trend ayyindi.VP Debate gurnchi inkonni details e kindi blog lo chudandi

Ehey endi e debate lolli 2

Biden and Harris kalisi chesina campaign lo prasthutham jaruguthunna elections not just in between two persons ani, it is to elect someone who can take care of people ani, world nations lo america oka great nation avvalani, vache president public care taker avvalani, U.S elections oka joke laga avvoddani Kamala Harris thana speechlo mention chesaru. 

Intha chepav kani asalu Kamala Harris gariki indian alavatlu, traditions, sentiments meda entha respect undo chudama?

California attorney general role ki election jarugutunapudu, kamala garu chennai lo unna vala attaya sarala gopalan gariki call chesi elections kosam a devudi blessings kavalani chennai beach degarlo una oka temple lo 108 kobbari kayalu kotincharu… Ee okka situation tho manaki telisipotundi kada kamala garu indian traditions ni entha believe chestaro…!!

Kamala Harris ,Mindy kaling(indo american hollywood actor) tho kalisi masala dosa chesaru chudandi

Kamala Harris on NRI’s

Idi antha ok kani kamala Harris gelisthe em ayina chesthundha..Vice president avochu ,thanu president kuda avochu.Manamu kamala gari ekuva expect cheyakapovatam manchidi endhuku ante thanu American Leader,Thanu America ki best edho thanaki thana party ki edho best oh adi chesthundi,adi thappe em kadu kadhandi.Manam expectations petkoni hurt avadam endhuku.But thanu mana NRI’s ki helpful avali pray cheddam anthe.

What is wrong is our hopes, driven by emotions that only make us weak.

What the Biden-Harris Ticket Means for Immigration Policy

Adi andi KAMALA pinni gari gurinchi maku telisina info.E elections lo evaru win ayina manaku manchi cheylani korkundham.

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