Desi Lolli Confessions 251 to 260

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251: I am that FB crush story. I know he follows desi lolli too. So I got a text around 6pm EST today. He: Hey! By any chance did you post that ENE meme one on Desi lolli. The FB girl boy story. Do you know what I’m talking about? Me: (Daringly) Yes 😐 He: Nenu niku chepe lopalone confession pettavu. I like you too! But can we take things slow?? Intha thondara undadhu amma! 🙃 Me: YES!!!! Desi lolli, thank you!!! For all those who didn’t believe, pelli card email chestham lendi. And for the ENE meme thanks, thats my favorite movie in recent times 😁 mee andhariki kuda thavaraga set avvugaka 🙌

252: Hello, lets hear a girl story as being a wife to a H1B Guy.miku Chala ambitions unthayi, career goals unthayi vaatitho patu teliyani visa tensions kuda kaani somehow career build chesukovalaney tapana lo life lo unde chinna chinna moments miss avuthunthav ! E page lo chala mandiki h1B dream kani h1B otchaka life ela unthundo let me elaborate, h1B ragaaney miku pelli chestharu , miku kuda pellam biddalatho enjoy cheyalani unthundi kaani cheyaleru eakkada leni Work pressure, rat race, work lo venakapadiporhaav ani bayam, ni pakkanodu eakkuva sampadistunnaadu em oh anna inferiority, , sarey niku anthu karchu pettukunthava? Pettukolev, india lo parents ko , puttapoye pillalaki oh savings kindo migulthundhi ani oka aasa,sarey wife tho kids tho prasaanthamga unthava? Ledu ! Sarey prasaanthamga kadupu ninda tinthava ? Cha cha ledu ! Late night work debba ki arugudala undadu.entho peruki h1B job gas station job ea melu anukunthav

253: Masters US enduku ani Europe side chuskoni France vaccha bhayya.. US lo Maa valla kastalu vintunte right decision teeskunna anukunna.. Masters ayyindi job time pattindi raa daniki but chesina degree loney vacchindi… Relatives nunchi friends nunchi package comparison start.. Matches start cheseru Intlo.. India lo unna ammaylu oo valla parents oo telidhu kani US/Canada/Australia matches ai chusthunnaru.. Visa tensions levu and travel freedom undi.. US packages tho competition endi bhayya.. Country batti chusko kinda.. 2 yrs+ ga matches chusthunnaru and responses raavatledhu.. Mana valla requirements kanna Ikkada ollani thagulkodam easy anipisthundi okkosari

254: Tips needed from the experts !!! Baaga pulihora kalipe vallu konni tips ivvandi bhayya… Asalu insta lo kani fb lo oka ammaye nachuthe ela proceed avvali ? Em ani message cheyyali antaru ? Hi, hello ani chepthe reply isthara ?? Ma desi lolli lo oka ammaye nachindi ani insta lo follow request pampina, thanu accept chesindi, naaku msg pettalante edho laga undi… ammeylu mari vedu karuvu prantham lo nunchi ochinattu ankuntara ? Ammeylu meru em antaru ?? Ee post confess cheyyakapothe nenu me page unfollow ayipothanu… ilane ante post chestharu emo ani chinna aasha..

255: It is a bit of a long story, so here it goes. For past 1 and half years, I have been like depressed with my visa rejections ,life, profession and everything. It’s quite exhausting. I was in constant sadness, irritation and convincing to escape. on some days I was able to feel better when I was with my close friend ( Srikanth Mekala ) but one fine day he got visa for united states.After he went days was just worse. I never had courage to go to home but at that time it didn’t seem like there was any problem with my life it was just that I was unable to handle it, I was unable to ignore and cope with things. It was like I am trapped within things and I couldn’t escape this trap and no one could have helped me except one person who is always behind my struggles( Again Srikanth Mekala ). When I try to imagine what was I about 1 and half year ago, it’s just like nightmare. Somehow things started to get very hard, things that were bigger problems for me, started coming straight to my way. I lost my job, and it was a bad thing but I felt better because life was easy without job, at least for some days. People who were trouble for me went away. I don’t think that I actually solved my problem but I think I survived it and managed to escape it after so long. Sometimes I think I wasted my years in that problem which I could have easily escaped but I kept trying so hard to get visa in a hope that someday I can be something else by facing the problem and solving the problem. I don’t know whether I am better person or not, or I was correct or not but It was an experience. It’s been several months now and i’m still trying to get visa, sometimes that feeling comes back but it’s not that constant feeling. It’s like I am not far from that thing. It will take more time. No matter how big your problem is, what you need to do is concentrate on the work that you are good at’. ” You can solve anything if not time eventually will”. So, deni batti na point enti antey stick to one goal and one true friend, yelanti situations vachina e rendu marchipovaddu. Chala mandi visa reject iythe vere country veltharu lekapothey lyte thesukuntaru but na scenario matram ala ledhu Eppatiki 2 Lakhs dhaka karchu iyndhe but still no result parents kuda chala supportive ga unnaru only parents not relatives, Enni sarlu reject iyna kuda try chey ani antunaru thappa lyte thesuko ani matram anatledhu, blessed to have them . Nenu enthala visa kosam try cheyadaniki reason na lover. Thanatho life share chesukovali antey nenu USA ki pakka ravali because of some caste issues and Middle class badhalu yela untayo chepanakarledhu anukunta .AND last thing is One day we gonna sit and watch patriots winning srikanth mekala. Let’s wait for the day bitch.

256: Unfinished Love Story I’m a hopeless. An Unfinished love story that broke me into pieces that caused physical pain and induced mental stress for a lifetime. I can’t explain it more than this .I think about you a lot and how our story ended so abruptly. A love story that started so beautifully.There was love, respect, unconditional support, there was abundant love, there was a fire to fight against the world for one another and then years later… there comes reality and it’s not pretty. She is angry, busy, frustrated and I’m lost and hopeless. Some days I just think how you gave up on me. Other times I wish why had you not hidden from me. I had realised that being alive to watch her happiness is more important than absolutely everything else. But maybe I don’t understand why I’m not able to forget her at all. Maybe there I am a victim of the circumstances, far more complex than you and I can comprehend. And so, can only wish which will never come true Perhaps in a parallel universe we still exists. Perhaps, you are always a part of my subconscious mind. 546 days since Breakup, I find myself absent and restlessness thinking all this quite often. 🙂 You made it timeless. And thank you, for everything . It’s hard to forget you, physically I know that we are not in relationship but mentally you and your thoughts exists forever and our relationship exists within in heart 💓 – MrK20

257: Bro prathiroju evadu e rule pedathado ane bayam tho brathakadam kanna mana nithyanandha kailasa ane superate country pettadanta akkadiki poi hai gaa country president nithyananda spoorthi tho chill avadam better anukuntunna …. Visa tensions , status lolli lu , em avasaram lekunda and president ki country wide free internet pettinchamani application pedtha Ika , Nithyanabdha Nenu and ayana bakthulu …. jil jil jigaaa…..

258: Enti bro, ani kastam boys kee vasthunai ani feel ithunaru. Nri ithe matram vadu thop em kadhu, enni conditions peti pellilu chesthunaroo. Even love cheyadaniki kuda conditions enti bhaiyya. Love chesam kabhati thapadam ledhu kani okkokali sadists laga thayaru ayyaru. Nri ithe enti just vere country lo work chesthunaru anthe. Edo CEO la feel ipouyee, anthe nenu chuskunta ani feel ithunaru. Andharu kadhu gani bhayya kotha mandi unaru, vallaki eni thitina papam ledhu andhuloo na boyfriend okadu #longdistance

259: Mana generation ento py py merugulaki vote vestundi. Vote anty mana baasha lo kerchief ani. Naku telisina one of my best friend ni chusaka anipinchindi ela. She got married 8yrs back and got divorced due to violence by her husband. E 7yrs ga tanu oka reputed company lo job chesthu single ga undi. Epatikyna find your soulmate ani friends antuna time lo we searched for the same. But divorcee aney reason py reject chestunaru. I don’t understand is it about paruvu or virginity! Gattiga matladty ado oka time lo manandaram oka wrong relation lo undey untam. Adi love, living relationship, friendship etc adyna avochu. Okka marriage vishayamlo ela aythe matram adedo untouchability aynattu, ah person inka malli life start chesey arhatha lenattu think chestunaru. Chala successful ayna S.S rajamouli garey divorcee ni pelli cheskunaru. Manam atleast normal ga step tiskodanki anduku entha alochistunamo naku theliyaali. Thelisi theerali.

260: Single life’s best.Single pasange.Single kingulam ela chala vintunnam. Etu preminche manasu leeda anty, No. Etu ardamcheskuney mentality karuvainda anty, No. Athiga aashapadaku, athiga aaveshapadaku anedi true ani na short research lo telsindi. Athiga aashapadi vachina matches, already unna love ni easy ga tiskovadame manam chestunna thappu. Athiga aaveshapadi commit ayina relations ni kuda easy ga tiskuntunam. Coz, more options, more exploring kind of nature..Explore cheyalsindi places ni, manushulani kaadhu. Estamaina vaatikosam mi 100% evvandi. Echaka obey ayyi undandi..Life lo evey kick estay. Sagam sagam panulu failures ga migilipotay.

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