Desi Lolli Confessions 371-380

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381: Idi confession kaadu .. Kani na badha evariki cheppalo teledu . Long story short Engg lo gf tarvata evo teenage reasons ki breakup ayyindi ..MS ki US ocha move on ayya , malli 10 yrs tarvata aa ammai life loki ochindi .. maatladina 1st day ke malli padipoya but got to know she is divorced. Ma parents oppukoru.. Even she is not expecting me to marry her .. I m looking at alliances, I m talking to girls, but Ekkado Chinna regret that life gave me a second chance with her and I will never get a third chance. What if the girl I marry is not the right one and I end up being unhappy ? What if I will regret that I missed her ?I know she is a great girl and my life will be happy with her but I cannot hurt my parents . What if I marry someone ,. Then get divorced so that I can finally marry her ? Please post as story and give me any suggestions.

382: Preminchina abbaiy ni aina, intlo vaallu chusi pelli chesina abbaiy ni ainaa…na koduku la chuskundhaam anukunna, antha prema ivvaali anukunna. Kaani prathee saari nenu mosapothuune unna. Pelli vishyaaniki vasthe, video call lo thappa, Asalu abbaiy ni direct ga chudaledhu. Cheppina maatalu nammi okay cheppa. Kaani malliii mosapoya. Devudi daya valla engagement break aindhi. Life yendhuko chaala tough ga anipisthundi.

383: Evari life partner ni vaale vethukovali. It take work.. not easy. Need to put effort, invest time. . Need to date for months and years until you decide to get married. Arranging marriage is for losers who can’t find a girl or boy themselves. Such people must have been having problems so is why they. could not have a relationship. I hope this encourages more girls and boys to prefer hunting their own partners. Single sinthakayala group ki janalu add avvalani. Single thamudlu/Ammayilu ki better options dorkuthayani ashisthu..oka Never single guy.

384: Wedding Problem: Caste Inbreeding is a phenomenon where two close relatives mate with each other. It is a taboo in many societies. Inbreeding is infamous as it results in sub-optimal heritable attributes in the inbred offspring. When a child inherits a pair of recessive genes, one from each parent, it becomes dominant even though it might have been inactive in the parent. The chances of a recessive gene being present in close relatives are higher and therefore it is more likely that an inbred child will have a genetic disease. Solution: Mii parents ki aah verey caste ammayi/abbayi nachakapothe and miru opichalekapothe, don’t marry that Girl/Guy for them at the same time reject all the proposals they get for few years. At some point due to society pressure they’ll ask you to get married somehow. Meanwhile, keep sharing them some inbreeding issues your fictional friends have.

385: US lo pellichoopulu kadu le gani nenu btech lo unapudu love at first sight ani ye chepali branch lu veru kani bhavalu matram okati ye anukuna kani adi antha wrong ani teluskune Lopu 7 years pattindi btech aayipoyindi thanu London ki masters ki velthunadi ani telisindi so I applied for masters in London now I’m here and she is in US chudu bhayya na fate yela undo so ipudu US lo job kottali bhayya Nenu kuda akadaki vachi na love chepukundam ani

386: Na bada edaru close friends ki tappa intlo valaki kuda telidu epativaruku…Nadi arranged marriage bayya, 2017 lo iendi. 2018 lo h1b pick iye US vacha.. h4 ante visa issue untai emo anni masters cheidam anukuna na wife ni.. ekada anni set cheskoni 2019 fall ki na wife ni masters ki teskunivacha. tanu univ dagare accomedation undedi weekends / break unapudu nannu visit chesedi. 3 months tarvta visit cheydam apesindi ramante ado exams ani, part time try chestunna ani ado okati reason chepedi. edi antha kadu ani nene ame place ki veldam anukuna. Nen velli surprise este naku dimma tirige shock echindi. dani ex lover tho live in untundi… na mind block iendi adi chusi… eme US vachindi ani telisi vadu malli touch loki vachadu… chala arugument tarvata naku nuv estam ledu,vade kavali ananndi… nen chesedi emi leka ok anna… vala parents ki chepa marutundemo ani.. she did not even pick up calls from her parents for years…. edi oka nightmare

387: Take some time and read this. I hope you take some positive things from my life. Honest ga chepali ante ee confessions and valla problems chuste jaali estundi bhayya. Naa gurinchi chepali ante, Nice family, Good Income, well settled, Good love life, happily life lead cheyochu ankunna time lo Naa Life literally chala pedha U Turn teskundi bhayya. So I have a disease (incurable disease) time being ki medicines tho survive avvali, like life long medicines teskovali. But complication oste epud aina katte kalcheyochu. Ah complication 1 day lo ravochu, 1year lo ravochu, 10 years lo ravochu, 100 years lo ravochu ochindi ante NAA LIFE THE END. Cancer lantivi ochina edho la going through treatment anochu kani dheniki cure eh ledu so just accept the reality laga undi situation. Intlo daily baypadthu untaru. Daily okate topic How am I? India ochesey. If I go back india, Chala pedha burden parents meeda loans dhi. Love life ki the end chepeshna, Because I can’t guarantee a happy life for myself, thanaki obviously ah guarantee ivvalenu. For example Naa daughter ilanti vaadini love chestunna ante nene oppukonu How can I expect her father to accept so, Loans chustenemo big mountain. And Bonus ga Hospital bills, US hospital bills gurinchi chepalsina pani ledu. Once pothe minimum 5 digit bill chethilo pedtaru. Iga pelli chupulu antava, I don’t know if I will ever get married. Will I ever have a happy life ane question tho I sleep daily and thank god in morning for next day. Kani intha messed up life lead chestunna kuda still I have hope Naa life baguntadi emo. Anduke emo I started appreciating even the very small things in my life. Unpredictable life bhayya. Enduk andaru chinna issues ki complicate chestunnaro ani daily navvukunta eh confessions chusi. Asal ah person eh lekapote vaalla meeda kopam unchukoni em chestam. Em sadistam. Odleshi unna dhantla happy undochu kada. Thappu cheste sorry chepeyandi. Thankful feel aite Thanks chepandi. Just valla presence ni appreciate cheyandi chaalu. Just love people around u and be happy kada. Unnanni days negative emotions pakkana petti happy ga undandi. Anni baagundi kuda nen em cheyalenu. Mee life lo anni bagunnay appreciate everyday kada. This is my story. Need peoples blessings. Have a happy life people.

388: Ekada start cheyalandi.. 6 years stuff – chaala undi but simple ga – I never was in a relationship, I was waiting for “the one” like most women.. The US match brutality is Real. I am from a very well educated family and brought up to be independent. Papam They rejected the same match when I was 25. They got spooked when I turned 26, that it’s getting late for marriage. (I didn’t know any better). I told him the day he came to see me that I CANNOT sit at home. I want to do higher studies, then settle down in a job (I was a lead in india in very a good company- 4.5 years exp). He clearly said yes. And cut chesthe 1.5 months lo pelli done came to US. Apudu telsindi valla nija swaroopam.. valla father has a second family. These kids chinnappudu he started affair but this family is also not separated, just parents stay in 2 different cities. Maybe aa issues valla he is mentally unstable emo, but he tortured me a lot.. Nenu aligi kurchune types kuda kadu, Emaina ithe – face to face matladama, solve inda, happy ga unnama chuskune type. Kani tanu ala kadu. Oka namuna actually tanu, he basically wants a MAID who gets money ( morning before he wakes up, I should wake him up with coffee everyday anta). Pelli iyaka, As I said earlier, nenu work chestha anna chaduvkunta anna he refused a lot because of his insecurities. I should only work in restaurants and stores anta.. 3 years I waited he’ll change ani but he’s a narcissist. 2019 lo he left to india and nenu ikade edo work cheskuni kinda meda padi, by gods grace h1 and job ochayi konni months after he left. Apudu parents ki ardam iyela cheppanu tana gurinchi, luckily vallu kuda ardam cheskunnaru. Finally after 3 more years of struggling ( during divorce process, it seems I owe him 30Lakhs. What nonsense. We gave dowry- gold, silver, cash, land. He didn’t even help me out with rent, food, medical visit. ( he blocked his card when I said I have to go to hospital for this reason) monna mutual consent ki opkunaru. Nen cheppedi okate – guys or girls, evaru ela untaro evariki telidu, meku em kavali anedi telsukondi, alanti vallane search cheskondi.. and try your level best to express and understand the other person. Meku nachadu tanu job or anything cheydam ante munde cheppandi.. “chuddamle situation ochinapudu” ante chala kastam ila marriages lo.

389: Pelli choopulu kadhu kani oka story cheptha. College lo chadhukune rojulu avi. Chala happy ga manchiga gadichi pothunnai. Gang lo andharam chala saradhaga premaga unde vaallam. Appudu start chesaru veellu. Ammailu idharu chala best friends. Pranam ichukune vaallu. Andulo okarki ma gang lo ne Inko abbayi ki edho nadusthundhi ani ardham aindhi maku. Ayina sare vaalle edhoka roju cheptharu le ankoni maaku meme petkunnam. Appatke aa pilla senior tho thega thirigedhi aina kuda sare poni le veeditho aina love emo ani urkunnam. Oka roju e idharu ammailu thega kottukoni edusthunnaru. Theera velli adgithe ardham aindhi enti ante idharu oke abbayini thagulkunnaru. Entha goram ante veedu ippud love lo unna pilla tho kante mundhu dhani friend tho close ga movie ayi ishtamochinattu chesadanta. Adhi thelsi kuda Ippud unna pilla dhani friend ni velli adukkundhi veedni naake odhlei ani. Thana matter lo thappu jargindhi ani aa couple tho chala fight chesindhi e ammai last ki odhlesi em cheyleka thana dhari thanu chuskundhi. Life lo move on avaleka thanake ila enduku jargindhi ani ardham kaka life edho flow lo gadpesthu alaage vere vadni cheskundhi. Aina pedhaga happy em ledhu life lo. Bathukundhi ante bathukuthundhi anthe. Inko pakka e janta lo abbayi US ochadu. A maathram maaraledhu malli vere dhaanni thagulkoni baga enjoy chesadu india lo unna e pilla tho break up aindhi. Emaindho emo maku theleedhu kani Ippud anni ayyaka inni years ki job chesthu settle ayi malli e india pilla ne velli pelli cheskuntunnadu. Veellidharu enno ayyaka kalisaru ani santhoshinchala leka papam inko pilla jeevitham motham naashanam chesaru ani badha padalo ardham kavatledhu. Edhemayina okari kompa koolchi mana kompa katkoni santhoshanga undagalamantara? Friendship ki relationship ki antu ardham lekunda poindhi

390: Nenu btech lo unapudu oka ammai nenu relationship lo unam. After btech memu masters ki US ani try chesam. Thanaki visa raledhu naku manchi job opportunity vachindhi India lo unam. 1 and half year tharvatha thanu us vachindhi masters ki. Luckily na best friend adhe university lo chadvuthunde. Nenu happy ga unde thanu alone ga undadu ani. Thanu vachina 6 months ki nenu vastha ani telsu. But ee 6 months lo na life kinda midha avuthundhi ani naku telidu. Long distance vala ma communication thagipoindhi. Thanalo changes start ayinai. Thanu takkuva matladadam start ayindhi. Nenu chala sarlu chepina thanaki nv maripothunav ani. Thanu matladina dantlo na best friend peru ekkuva vinipisthundhi. Kodiga frustrating ga undedhi. Thanaki chepina. Thanu ala em ledhu ani anedhi. Cut chesthe summer break ki idaru India vacharu, oka rakam ayina oa chesaru, maku chala godavalu avuthunde adhi vadiki telsu. Thanu oka argument lo “India lo nv elano Us lo thanu ala anadhi”. I felt so bad. Inka naku avadam ledhu ani nenu vadilestha ani chepa. Kani anukunantha easy kadu ga. Cut chesthe nenu fall ki masters ki vacha apuduki thanalo changes inka periginai. Oka godava aithe ela solve chesukovalo ani alochinchadam manesindi pattinchukovatle. Thanksgiving ki vala place ki vella. I dont know somehow thana chat chudabuddi ayyi konni keywords(adult words) tho whatsapp search chesthe they were sexting in their chats. I hardly read 4-6 lines. Thanu pakkane unte lepi adigithe, first reaction asala phone evadu tisukomanadu ani lagesukundi. Na friend kuda adigithe it happened only once. Just lust vala ala ayindhi and moreover its not physically we did kada anatu matladaru. Breakup chesukoni vacha, na friend chesindi thapu ninu disturb cheyanu. Niku kavalante matladu ani chepi vellipoyadu. Thanu 1 and half year varaku oka msg ledhu oka call ledhu. All of sudden msg chesi, naku nv kavali ani anadam start chesindi. Idhi antha ayyi 3 years avuthundhi. I donno some how I dont like her and i dont even hate her. Its just like It does not matter if she dies. I would not even get a drop of tear. It hit me that bad. Just one single day I lost two valuable persons. Thats lot to take. Oka time lo pelli midhe opinion poindhi. Now its all good I guess. She is still pinging. I wish she reads and stops disturbing me. I moved on. Please dont pull me back.

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  1. #381 You cannot hurt your parents so for the sake of it you’ll marry an other girl hurt her and then take a divorce to marry the girl you want . Ante needhe jeevtham nee parents ae parents inkoka amayi dhi life kadhu valaki parents undar divorce aithe vala parents hurt avvara? Ante divorce aithe mee parents kuda hurt avvakunda happy feel avthara? Mali diniki confession page lo ki ochi Nuv suggestion adgthunav ante ae Bata cheppu tho kotalo kuda ardam katle

  2. Are 381 siggundara niku. Ni okkadidena life, aa ammai di life kada. Ninnu nijamga chepputho kottina thappuledura

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