Desi Lolli Confessions 581-590

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581: This isn’t a confession but more like in need of a love guru kind of advice. So, I met a girl on DilMil 4.5 years ago. After talking to her for 2 months, I started having feelings on her and one fine day I confessed about my feeling but she said she didn’t have any feelings on me yet. After a month she confessed of having feelings on me as well and we started being in a relationship. Until this point, everything was long distance. We didn’t meet each other. After a month of being in the relationship, we finally met and we felt that we are compatible with each other. Ala oka 3 years nadichindi. I used to frequently visit her and visit chesinapudalla we used to stay together. After 3 years valla intlo chepthe, their family didn’t accept and we kinda broke up for 10-15 days and patched up after that. Malli inko 10 months ala nadichindi in the hopes that their family would accept but emaindo emo thelidu overnight they changed her mind and made her break up with me. Even though we broke up, we still used to talk with each other not as frequent as we used to when we were in the relationship but frequent enough. Ila break up aina 3 months ki we met each other again and stayed together like we used to for 3 days and we both felt that we still have strong feelings towards each other. Dani tharvatha after 1 month anukunta, she started dating a guy and I didn’t know about it(none of my business since we broke up). Dani tharvatha oka 1 month ayyaka she said she’s dating a guy and he has been ignoring her and that I was better. Sare lyt theesko ante no, he’s a good guy, I’ll give him a benefit of doubt antadi. Sare nee ishtam I wish all the good in the world for you but don’t discuss about your dates with me ani ante ok ani malli aa tharvatha week, nenu text chesthe reply ivvatledu ani malli chepthundi! Sare lyt theesko ante, ok I’ll listen to you this time ani oka 1 month matladaledu. Dani tharvatha Monna text chesi I’m getting feelings for him ani message pettindi. Hmmm ani reply ichi blocked her phone number and removed her in all the social media platforms. Naa question enti ante, how could someone move on so quickly like in a month after being in a relationship for 4 years! Move on ae kadu she already started having feelings on another guy. Now, I started having a gut feeling that she never truly loved me. Thinking an about all this nights asalu nidra ne Pattatledu. Am I thinking too much? Or am I true that she never truly loved me?

582: I am not from Telugu background but want to went out my sadness. Here is my story I got married when i was 20 to a man that by all accounts wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good for me. Long story short, I was married to a loser. He didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, he just didn’t do anything at all. Now, I am not a “typical woman” if there even is such a thing. I love myself. Sure, there are things I want to improve, but I don’t have a problem with my age, or intelligence, or what my body looks like, or my personality- those things that seem to stereotypically plague women just don’t bother me for whatever reason. I have a career where I make more than enough money on my own to live comfortably. I know how to use power tools, fix my own car, and google the shit out of anything else that needs to be done. I say what I mean, and expect others to do the same, none of this passive-aggressive nonsense. But I’m stubborn as a mule, and marriages are supposed to last, so even though I was the primary breadwinner, and did most of the things around the house, and raised my kids mostly on my own, I still spent 13 years in that worthless marriage. At the end of the day, my husband felt like I didn’t need him, because I am very capable. But he was wrong. I needed support. I needed a partner, a friend. Even someone who would see how hard I was working to just keep my head above water. I couldn’t manage EVERYTHING on my own; and I still can’t. For some perspective at how emotionally isolated I was, I struggled with infertility for three years; I had to take tons of medications & shots that made me sick, tired, have hot flashes, body aches, and migraines for those years; not to mention the emotional drain of every month without fail seeing a single pink line on that damn stick. The emotion of going through a bulk pack of pregnancy tests, or taking photos of your cousin’s child’s first birthday (for the child they conceived after you started trying), is just… a lot to bear; I was very open with my struggles, because i think it helped other people too. Somehow, my husband wasn’t even aware this was a thing that i was needing support in. he had no idea. and it’s not because i didn’t tell him or directly ask him. he just was that thick and lost. he was a five year old trapped as an adult- lacking the ability to give support in that way. And once I had kids, he was actually more of a burden than a help. I spent most of my time walking on eggshells, trying to balance being exhausted from a high-demand job, making dinner, and praying the kids (who are all-around good kids) didn’t do anything to “poke the bear” while my husband played games on his phone and mostly ignored them. I spent more time trying to keep them from upsetting him than anything else. When i finally asked him to please leave, everything improved immediately. I could breathe again. I was free of so much dead weight. I was so, so happy to just not-have-him around. It was so much better, I never looked back, and I was ok on my own. Sure, I crawled in to bed every night, feeling ready to collapse at the end of the day. Kids are demanding, after all. But I was free. And I was happy. But it wears on you.

583: Hi, Na peru yenduley, kottaga usa lo kapuram start chesam, ma aayana baganey untadu, baganey chusukuntadu, baganey vandipedathadu, antha baganey undi life.. kncham kottahaga, starting lo bhayam bhayam ga undeydi ippudu antha set avthundi. Kids kuda oka 1 year tarwatha plan chesukundam anukunaam. Anni baganey unnay anukunna time lo, ma husband ki oka bad habit undi. simple ga cheppali antey laziness. example ki mood vachhi s*x chesukundam antey condom konataniki baddakisthadu. Enno sarlu cheppi chusina aa bad habit vadalatam ledu, deeni vaala naku peacefulness ledu. So, please idi post cheyandi, ma husband mee posts and confessions anni chaduvuthadu. Ee rakamga ayna ma husband ki ardam aiddi anukuntunna.

584: Idhi confession kadhu but just wanted to share my loss to everyone. Memu baga close ga family laga una friends monna varaku, ma vadu oka ammai ki sincere ga try chese vadu barely I used to say hi or hello in between the calls. But ah ammai emo antha bagane untundi kani love ane word vasthe theskolekunda undedhi Ala konni months saagai vala madyalo and one fine day they stopped talking. Tarvata Oka roju Nenu casual ga text chesa what’s happening around ani ah Ammai thana version cheppukuntu vachindi Nenu manaki enduku le involve avadam ani lite theskuna. But Oka roju cheppindi Nenu ye roju alanti udhesam tho chudaledhu me friend ani he was like a good friend to me ani cheppindi. Days passed usual talks became close chats and one fine day naku artham iyindi she’s in her comfortable zone when ever she’s talking to me ani. Naku doubt vachi I took a step ahead and asked her are you interested in me ani, ammailu Epudu cheppe lage yes ani chepaledhu alane no ani chepaledhu. Ala Oka roju conversation lo future lo ila vadiki telisthe naku vadiki chedipothundi relation 2 years ga chala close ga unaam ani chepa, thanu emo naku asalu alanti thought le lenapudu bayam enduku Nenay chepthanu ah abbai ki don’t worry ani chepindi. Cut chesthe konni days tarvata she slowly stopped talking to me. Ah time lo thanaki ma friend ye correct anipinchi jarigindi vadiki cheppi patch up ipoindi. Tarvata ikada us nunchi iddaru india velaaru set cheskunaru…Cut chesthe I became culprit and he stopped talking to me and ah roju vadu adigina questions ki Nenu answer cheyaleni paristhiti. So all the girls out there meku evaru correct evaru wrong ani doubt unapudu please take time, meku una mood swings ki weak time lo theskone decisions valla meru bagane untaaru but avathala valaki chala damage jarigipothundi. Best friend turn’s to enemy ki meaning laga ipoindi na situation. Ma vadu na version kuda vini to oka decison ki vachinte baga undedhi anipisthundi apudu apudu..Oka manchi friend ni kolipoina baadha lo raasthuna inko friend gaadha… Admin idhi approve chesi post cheyali ani korukuntuna..

585: I married to a girl who came to bachelors to US, she is fully talented. she has full time and we met through bumble and met few times. Our families agreed and got married 6 months back. Recently I found out her nudes and few things in her hard drive. When I questioned her, she told she used to do onlyfans!! i am shocked to a person who looks innocent and had different past. She told she even had thought of doing it after marriage if i agrees. My life is fucked up

586: This incident happened with me and my friends a few months back. Maa friend wedding ki texas vellam and memu antha mana consultancy batch whereas aa ammai vallu antha full time batch. We all bonded well and were discussing about our jobs and career when one of my friend said that full time folks have a lot of perks but we earn more… Antha emaindo telidu one person from other side psych ayyi meeru 2 to 3 jobs chestaru, MS ki chinna univs ki vachi immediate ga part times chesi 2 years course ni 1 or 1.5 yrs lo easy courses teeskoni chill avtu complete chestaru…Consultancy lo join ayyi ila 2 or 3 jobs illegal chestaru ani started ranting..we did not say anything as its our friends wedding… I don’t understand what is wrong with these folks and why they look down upon us… andaram edo oka pani chesi brathakadaniki vacham then why these differences?

587: 4years back nen masters ki vachina.Vachina 1year ki nen na frnd india velinam.Baga chill iyyi 2 and half months tarvata return iyyam.Immigration ki ready ga mundu na frnd unnadu.. vadidhi antha cool ga immigration iyipoindi.Tarvata naadi start iyindi konni questions adigadu iyipoindi.. a officer alane chustu na passport vere officer ki eche follow him ani nannu anadu.. Vadu vere room lo ki teskelli laage chala mandi unaru but mana country kadu.migitha vallani okokalani pilichi some general questions adugutunaru.. ala adigi last ki “your green card is approved and you will get your card in mail within 1month” ani annadu… ala prathi okariki same dialogue.entha comedy ante nakkuda green card ivadaniki room lopaliki pilcharemo ani oka pichodila aasha tho wait chesina😂😂😂…last ki nadegaraku vachesariki konni questions adigi you are good to go annadu🥺🥺 and nenu reason adigi ila enduku verification iyindi ante sevis id thappu undi anduke annadu.Ikada thing enti ante natho paatu unnavallu low immigration rate unna countries nundi vachina vallu.. vallu apply cheste within few months lo green card approval vachestadi…. So idhandi na immigration experience knchm aasha tho knchm bayam tho iyipoindi.

588:Adi 2015 spring, Apude masters ki vachanu and car driving anthaga radu, Just apartment parking lot lo drive cheyatam vachu. Ma friend oka ammay nannu university lo drop cheymandi and university ante pedda dooram kadu, Just 0.5 mile. Tanu drive chesindi university varaku, tanu digutu parking lights on chesi digi nenu driving teskunna, apartment ki vachetapudu valla friend Enkoka ammay ekindi, naku a parking lights ela off cheyalo telidu and nenu ante drive cheskuntu road mida opp direction lo vellanu, edaruga truck vachindi and tanu bayapadindi, nenu normal lane lo ki vachi elago Ala apartment ki vellanu. Tanu Enka car digi Jump, nenemo parking lights ela apalo ardam kaka engine off chesanu, ayna kuda off avaledu parking lights. Enka 4 hrs car munde undipoyanu. Apudu ma friend vachi avi parking lights babu ani off chesindi. Adi gurtu techukuntene navva leka sastamu andaramu.

589: Hello ..before anyone lash out in comments i would like to tell them this is my set of experiences.. few yrs back relation lo unnapudu cheat chesad bro oka abbayi …abbayilu la mida opinion ey poyi unna ..pelli age ochindhi …dani nundi bayataki ochi pelli chesukundam anukuna ..arranged marriage mida nammakam leka love marriage chesukundam ani start chesa bro search… abbayilu ela unnar ante ( not generalizing ) okate intentions bro ..kontha mandi straight forward untar and they respect others opinion ( not talking about these guys) ..kontha mandi unnar bro entha creepe out chesthar ante ..relationship kosam chusthuna ani chepi vere intentions tho osthunar bro ..workout avakapothe edo sodi reason chepesi leda mana mida thosi velipotharu .. inka kondaru emo months months matladi sudden ga different ga theda ga behave chesar adigina Nijam chepar bro ..sarele evi ani kavu arranged ey chudam anukunte adi inko gola caste jathakam adi sodi ani …ponni avi cross ayithe abbayilaki clarity ledu bro valake em kavalo .. so knchm please mi intentions em unna plz be straightforward … and meeku em kavalo 1st fig out chesukuondi tharwatha approach avandi ..urike feelings tho adukolandi ..knchm manchi abbayilu unte chudandi bro🫣..pelli chesukuntam.. -itlu oka frustrated ammayi vedana

590: Arranged marriage! Came to US after wedding. He was good in the starting, but day by day I am feeling suffocated while being married to him. I miss being my old self. I was a happy independent working girl while in India. Ikkadiki vachaka edo mechanical ga unna anthe. Assalu happy ga unna rojulu ee madhya em levu. Pelli over rated anipistundi. Assalu enduku pelli cheskunnana anipistundi. Does every girl feel the same way after marriage? Husband and in laws tho adjust ayye process lo entire life is getting changed and it is not in a good way! Why is it necessary to get Married?

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